french courses in school SUCK

i will never stop complaining about french courses. jesus christ, ive been taking french since kindergarten - since i was about 4 or 5 years old. im 17 years old and i still cant make instantaneous conversation. like i want to be able to speak without having to think about my word choice or what … Continue reading french courses in school SUCK


new fob music

after like 2 years fall out boy finally released new music and i couldnt be more excited. fob was like one of the first bands i got into, and fob is what got me into mcr so im grateful for their existence. i remember liking fob around when they released american beauty/american psycho but i wasnt a … Continue reading new fob music


spoilers yesterday i caught up with the boruto series and i just finished watching episode 4 abt 2 hours ago. i gotta say im p mad that episodes apparently come out really early ?? like i checked my phone at 7:40 this morning and kissanime had sent me an email around maybe 7 or so, … Continue reading boruto


major fricking spoilers okay its 3am, i cant sleep so im just gonna write. may end up going to bed and posting this in the morning but i just need to let this out holy frick this'll probably be long. i love obito so much. i cant express in words how emotionally attached i have become to … Continue reading obito