eromanga sensei


,,,, im laughing as im writing this jfc this anime. i just ,,,, w o w. i literally only watched this anime bc i saw it on mal’s spring anime season list and the cover art kinda dragged me in. idk it sounded funny plus sagiri looks like waifu material tbh. lowkey though this anime made me so uncomfortable when i started watching it bc i honestly really hate this type of anime.

no offence but i just really dont like ecchi, harem, anime that solely focuses on a genre of romance, or anime that has incest-ish themes. people in the comments on some episodes were saying that this anime was like oreimo but i cant be the judge of that bc ive never seen oreimo.

lmao this brother-sister incest trope is too much honestly like i dont understand the hype. like the fact that creators make it so that the brother and sister arent technically related is just so ,,, retarded – to put it bluntly. whether its making them step-siblings, foster siblings, long lost siblings, etc etc, i honestly just dont like it.

also its not very realistic that sagiri’s mum let her stay home all the time rather than go to school, it doesnt make much sense oh im sorry i forgot that’s anime logic.

i honestly had a lot of problems with this anime — the whole sagiri and masamune relationship thing + the fact that elf was naked like 2 or 3 times i think + the lewd/ecchi kinda shots ((idk im not an ecchi expert)). also i found quite a few scenes that were just really cringey or badly written.

like idk i watched this bc i figured id watch something funny or weird bc i had been watching a lot of shounen anime and i needed a change lmao.

art style was cute tho, sagiri was cute, sagiri’s drawings were cute ,, honestly i thought that backstory which i think was from episode 11 was super cute as well. like sagiri started out as a fan of masamune’s works and they both kinda encouraged each other to work harder and produce better work – masamune with his writing, and sagiri with her drawings. they honestly make a great team but idk the awkwardness between them bc theyre both attracted to each other makes me uncomfortable, but nobody would watch an anime like this if there wasnt any kind of fanservice lol.

i cant really understand why people are giving this such high ratings on mal. like the top rating is a 8 which i think is fricking ridiculous bc this was a low quality anime in terms of the story line and characters and stuff. hmm but then again ive never really watched this type of anime and to other people it may be enjoyable and i cant really judge them for that.

to me, this anime was just filled with a bunch of tropes and totally predictable events along with somewhat annoying characters — for example,  masamune gets flustered all the fricking time when hes talking to sagiri and overreacts to a lot of things ((same can be said abt sagiri)), and muramasa is kinda the same when shes with masamune hhfghfjghfhgh just stop im so sick of that.

last episode was so-so ,, kinda boring but at least we see sagiri is starting to get more comfortable coming out of her room as well as talking with other people. dunno if this is gonna get a 2nd season or not as i havent checked but i really dont think ill put myself through this hell again. idk i feel with these kinds of anime you shouldnt take them that seriously but its just for fun and fanservice which isnt always a bad thing. anyways, i feel i cant give this more than a 5/10 tbh.

so yeah thats all ,, i think ill go back to my shounen anime now


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