noragami is honestly great

((manga)) spoilers

noragami is honestly such a good manga and anime i love it so much ?????? i started reading the manga first like i just went out and bought the first 12 or 13 volumes that had come out and read through them and i honestly just really love the story and the characters.

i had been putting off watching the anime until i caught up with the manga and it seems that adachitoka ((not sure which member of the two)) is sick so they havent put out any chapters in a bit, so ive had to stop at volume 17 and youd think that by completing avoiding noragami instagram pages, you wouldnt see any spoilers for the chapters not published in volumes yet but wow i thought wrong haha ive seen like 2 or 3 spoilers for those chapters fml.

anyways i havent delved into any anime series since my laptop broke last month – so i put n.g. evangelion and lucky star on hold but honestly theyre both so boring i wanna drop them. i figured now’s a good time to watch noragami lmao and i ended up finishing it v quickly.

i did notice a lot of differences with the manga and anime — the manga of course having more detail to it and explaining things much better. literally they cut out the whole first part of the manga which i guess made sense bc they wanted to have 12 episodes. its really random to just show the girl sitting in class though like they shoulda just cut that part completely out if they werent going to explain her story.

okayokayokayokay i found an excellent anime site with the best quality ive ever seen in my entire life and i watched everything in this nice 1080p HD quality. the quality was so good i could fully make out the awful background animations — like when there are far away shots of the characters. lmao some were so bad like its just the characters standing farther away and theyre drawn weirdly and have no eyes or nose and the mouth movements are super awkward. anyways, ignoring that, i think i really enjoyed this anime a lot bc of the quality i watched it in.


actually yukine, hiyori, and bishamonten had beautiful eyes too honestly like most of the characters are so beautiful and nice to look at which i think adds to the appeal of the anime. i feel they explained the story well, but idk there seemed to be a lot of goofing off and stuff — even though there were quite a few touching or nice moments, as well as serious ones. but idk like yato seems to barely be doing any jobs and i swear he did more in the manga.

i especially liked noragami aragato like i really like bishamon’s character tbh shes such an angel i love her and im glad that they decided to continue on with a second season for the anime. speaking of that, i hope that theres a third season. i cant exactly remember what happens next but ik that we learn more about fujisaki im like 98% sure ,, as the bit after the credits included him LMAO anime only watchers must’ve been like ???????? but i think the hints in the anime are enough to determine that fujisaki is basically yato’s father, and nora is basically yato’s sister — but i do believe that they arent really related, they just have come to accept each other as family as thats how yato and nora were raised.

hmm i havent watched the aragato ovas yet but those’ll probably be good. not sure which chapters they follow tho so ima look that up. i liked the first 2 ovas lmao those were hiLARIOUS. i highkey dont ship yato and bishamonten but hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i die every time i see that scene hahahaha.

i kinda ship yato and hiyori like the manga got me liking with that pairing but the anime made me obsessed with that pairing. like even if hiyori doesnt show it, she actually cares a lot for yato and vice versa. i think theyd be cute together except for the whole yato-is-like-over-1000-years-old thing hahah yike my otps are never canon fml. a bit off topic but i went to look for some fluffy fanfic of yato x hiyori and i came across smut and it was very questionable and just ???? and then i remembered why i dont like het fanfiction oops. like even in smutty slash fanfics they wear condoms bye.

anyways ,, the anime is a strong 8 or 9/10 just bc i always prefer the manga > the anime — if ive read the manga, since the manga usually includes more. its not always the case however, but for noragami it is. i gave the manga 10/10 on my anime list bc its v deserving of a 10/10. im excited to see if a third season comes out and i hope adachitoka gets better soon !!


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