summer 2017 anime season

when i first looked at mal’s list of anime for summer some time ago i was lowkey disappointed bc nothing really caught my eye. however ive watched a few youtube videos and gone through some of the anime on the list and now i have 4 that im gonna be watching.

so for starters im continuing with boku no hero academia and boruto obviously. bnha has really began growing on me. boruto looks like its finally taking off and i feel itll maybe start getting better soon. the current arc is supposed to be over soon but idk how many arcs the creators plan on doing since the setting of the anime takes place before the setting off the manga.

one series that i skipped over bc it looked weird (lmao) is kakegurui. i have absolutely no idea why its so hyped up, but ive witnessed like 39394087 people talking about how good its gonna be. its based off a manga however im not sure if the manga is done or not. if its done id consider reading the manga as i have no manga to read rn bc my series are all finished/finishing or on hiatus. the mc looks cute tbh and i watched a trailer (i think it was a trailer) which was enough to convince me to watch the series. its supposed to start today but ive checked some streaming sites and they dont have it out yet so ?????? well im going out today so hopefully when i come back hope maybe itll be uploaded somehwere.

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyES im super excited to see the fourth season of jigoku shoujo too jfc i stan ai so hard honestly shes such a precious angel i love her so much and im glad that theyre bringing back this series after like 10 years or so. ive heard that only 6 episodes will be new and the other 6 will be recaps of old episodes but ?????? im kinda upset with that but i suppose its fine as we’re still getting new content. i also considered reading this manga as well but yikes @ the art tbh. also no bookstores around here sell the manga and ive read some reviews where people were saying that the manga isnt all that great.

im also gonna be watching dive which highkey reminds me of free lmao. i hope this anime actually focuses on sports bc the last sports anime i watched was yuuck! on i//c//e and ive already explained why i dont like it lmao. tbh when i watched free i really liked it however im not a fan anymore bc its boring and also i watched it dubbed which kinda ruined it for me yikes but i hope dive isnt literally the exact same thing but i gotta say in free there was a lot of focus on swimming and stuff and mostly teenage angst which im sure most teens could relate to hhaha.

okay ive written down ‘hitorijime’ on a note but i dont even remember what that is. just looked up the last anime im gonna watch and its called hitorijime my hero and it appears to be bl lol i guess thats why im watching it hahahahahha oh god okay but yeah idk if this is a continuation of smth else bc mal’s description of it is kinda just like ??????????????????? but whatever we’ll see how far into this anime i get before i drop it. honestly i cant watch bl week to week like i binged anime like super lovers, love stage, junjou, sekaiichi, etc way back last year, but when i watched ling qi (japanese version) which was supposedly bl i dropped it after like 5 episodes bc the plot was so bad that i felt like i was getting a brain tumour just by watching it. some bl is good but some bl just exists for the fact of having a boy x boy relationship and theres nothign wrong with that but i hate when its like super forced or theres no/bad plot.

anyways yeah im trying to start watching more anime series like i just finished this 4 episode bl which was super heartwarming but also lowkey boring. rn im watching mob psycho 100 which i love still havent finished evangelion or lucky star and i have another 5-7 series that id like to finish this month so yeah we’ll see how that goes lmao


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