mob psycho 100


lmao i meant to start writing about this like 5 hours ago but i got distracted watching a bunch of naruto specials/ovas. okay to begin i honestly loved mob psycho so much. lmao the animation reminded me a lot of one punch man and i discovered that both are made by the same creator ((or however u wanna put it)) which is cool.

the animation was so ugly but so funny and creative at the same time. like i mean i personally thought that everyone was pretty weird-looking but i enjoy seeing different types of animation styles , rather than always seeing simplistic-looking styles — not that theres anything wrong with that but i like change.

strangely enough, after finding out that mp100 was by the same guy as opm i honestly thought i wasnt gonna like this anime. but no personally i liked this a lot more than opm. ive read reviews and many people say they like opm better than this but hey thats your opinion i cant judge you for that.

i thought the fight between shigeo and teru was incredible, and it actually changed teru’s personality a lot which is something i liked. i liked how he helped out shigeo to rescue ritsu like hes actually a really cool character. the whole thing where ritsu gained his powers was a bit ,,,,,,,,,random at first but i gotta give props to the creator for being able to explain how he got his powers. he unlocked his powers bc he was feeling strong emotion at the time, but i cant help but wonder why exactly he would be able to unlock such powers. like i mean shigeo apparently was just born with it and it doesnt seem like his parents have psychic powers unless one or both of them actually does and it hasnt been explained in the anime so i cant help but wonder why he would have the ability to unlock them. it could actually be like genetics though like i dunno i cant say for sure hahahaha.

reigen was a funny character but hes also quite caring of shigeo + hes a friend to shigeo which is super sweet. he lets shigeo work under him and gives him tips about his powers and stuff so thats cool. and he ends up coming to help shigeo and the others during that fight with the guy in the mask which was sick. gotta say i got lowkey scared when he got sliced in the back with the katana LMAO i had forgotten that the guy wielding the katana said it was made of plastic. i thought this was gonna be some kinda thing where shigeo witnesses the death of someone close to him and goes on some mad powerful rampage bc of his powers.

i feel the pace was really good like i didnt find it too fast or slow. also the opening was super catchy i swear i only skipped it twice haha usually w intros i just skip over them tbh but this one was actually really good. also lowkey i was getting a bit annoyed with how polite shigeo was like idk im way too used to 13-17 year old edgy wannabe tough guys in anime.

the little green spirit guy actually served a purpose which was nice. idk he reminded me of some of the side/filler characters in bleach like after that one filler arc which i dont really remember bc i dropped bleach back in march-ish the one where orihime gets like kidnapped and taken to another dimension and then other people get taken there too ??? idk smth like that. also he kinda reminded me of the teddy bear guy in bleach too. except the teddy bear guy was just constantly annoying his name is kon i just looked it up and basically the only thing i remember about him was that his voice got under my skin, he constantly complained, and he was obsessed with orihime. he continuously bothered ichigo and to me he didnt really serve a purpose. like couldnt ichigo have just kept that pill thing in his pocket ?? actually no now that i remember, when ichigo swallowed the pill his spirit left his body meaning he’d become a lifeless pile of flesh and so kon possessed his body while ichigo was in his shinigami form lol okay my bad. so i guess kon did serve a purpose however it made me cringe when he started doing retarded stuff in ichigo’s body like buddy cant you just go back to ichigo’s room and take a nap or something honestly.

yipes i digress haha. if i were to compare kon and ekubo tho, i prefer ekubo bc he actually did help shigeo and ritsu and others. like he started off as a bad guy but when he was take out by shigeo he became like a friend to him which was nice even though he tried to possess him once i think and he also was shown to have evil thoughts or ideas sometimes however he did go and call teru when shigeo was in that alleyway with ritsu so that was good. and he also possessed the body of that guard to help shigeo and others find ritsu. honestly imo he wasnt all that bad. i guess now hes kinda bonding with reigen since reigen can see him now which is good so maybe he’ll help out with clients and whatnot.

anyways this was super good i loved it and i hope theres a second season. apparently like the web manga is almost done or smth ?? or like the current arc is almost finished ?? not sure but honestly this deserves needs a second season. also one other thing im not sure about is why shigeo is nicknamed mob like i dunno i hope im not missing anything ,, i wont look it up though bc last time i looked up something seemingly insignificant about an anime i ended up spoiling naruto for myself once again smfh


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