whats going on in my life

so i really dont think ill be doing anything this summer lol. its like the 2nd or 3rd week off from school and all ive been doing is sitting in my room on my laptop. i gotta admit i am kinda bored but in all honesty i dont wanna do anything else. my mum keeps bothering me about getting a job but tbh i dont wanna take the bus to a job because its super annoying, especially since ill be all hot, sweaty, and tired by time i get to my job.

got the 2nd part of my drivers license a couple mondays ago , and my high school graduation was on the 28th. after that i just wanted to relax and do nothing bc honestly i was so tired. getting up at 7am every day for school was bad enough, but having to wake up at 8am for almost a week after school ended was awful – especially after going to bed at 2am every night hahahahah ive gotten back into that habit.

theres a bunch of stuff i need to do for university but i havent gotten around to it because i really dont feel like it. also i dont even wanna go to university its gonna be such a waste of time and money for me because its not like im getting an actual fricking good job — ill definitely end up at mcdonalds or walmart lol. also like my university is really retarded like they make u do 500 000 things before starting like frick off cunts leave me alone just take your damn money and feed me more useless knowledge. theres an orientation day on august 16 a few days before my birthday damn too bad it wasnt on my birthday bc then id have a good excuse not to go lol and i really dont wanna fricking go like i hope its not mandatory and besides its not like ill be the only one not going bc its summer and people are on vacation + the university is downtown so it takes ages for everyone to get there and to go for one day is kind of a waste of effort imo idk im just lazy and unmotivated as hell.

jfc and i have to start driving on the highway soon or whenever the hell my dad wants to start teaching me because in less than a year i have to go get the last part of my license, and that test includes me having to drive on the highway even though i really dont feel comfortable doing so. smh speaking of licenses, my brother was supposed to get the first part of his license on his 16th birthday, which was almost a year ago, and he still hasnt gone which really pisses me off because my dad forced me to go on my 16th birthday back in 2015. smfh i dont understand my family. they say that theyre more lenient with me rather than my brother but i dont see where hmmmm. well thats a rant for another day.

high school graduation sucked major dick honestly id rather have spent 3 hours counting the cracks in the sidewalk smfh what a fricking waste of time honestly. glad thats over though. i was feeling a bit sad bc i was gonna miss my english teacher but idgaf anymore i really dont care to see any of those people again nor that cancerous school lol. well i have to go back in october to get my yearbook — so retarded honestly, you yourself have to go get a yearbook, you cant have anyone go pick it up. yeah bc its not like everyone is gonna be busy with univeristy/college/workplace related things.

god my high school is retarded.

yeah so ive been trying to watch anime but everything honestly bores me now. i dunno why im still so attached to naruto but i am. like i go back and rewatch episodes or i spent like 3 hours making 4 second gifs of obito like i dunno im still way too obsessed and i need to stop. the anime was packed full of flaws and stuff but im able to look past all the flaws while at the same time, i still accept and call out the flaws/plot holes i see hahah god i HATE my LIFE.

rn im listening to soad but later i may try to watch mahou shoujo madoka magica (or whatever its called i forgot). i watched 1 episode and it was pretty cute. speaking of cute, i dropped lucky star because lets be honest, how many time have i said that i need to finish watching lucky star ??? its been almost 2 months im not going back to it. tbh it was awful. this one anime youtuber i watch likes lucky star but i honestly cant see why bc it just looks so bad. i could barely get through 2 episodes. no point in torturing myself by sticking around for the rest of it smfh. im hesitant about dropping evangelion like everyone talks really highly of it like everyone seems to love it but i zone out a quarter way through the episode and then all of a sudden the kids are fighting angels and im just so LOST like i dunno ill probably force myself to watch the rest of it but i wont give it higher than a 7 on mal.

anyways yeah nothing interesting is happening in my life honestly im so boring and i have nothing to do actually i just bought volumes 67-70 of naruto so ima be reading those soon


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