rant abt ships lol

not meant to be ship hate nor taken THAT seriously lmao but im getting super annoyed with some things.

first on my agenda is forcing ships. mainly this is about d./an and p./hil fans bc i swear to GOD they do everything in their power to protect their ship. i ship p./han as much as the next person but at least im not a cringey 12 year old who feels the need to constantly fricking justify why the ship is real by bringing up outdated theories/creating theories with no justification at all, constantly bringing up past events from close to 10 years ago for no reason , creating personal headcanons and then managing to convince themselves that these things that they created in their mind have actually happened, twisting real events that have happened and turning them into something much too deep that somehow – after a 4 hour discussion – turns into something that will prove the ship is real, and also going to all of the earth to dig up social media posts from 2009 that prove d and p’s undying love for each other.

honestly i could go on. some fans dont go to this extent however ive witnessed times where they lowkey start coming up with theories and such ,, no matter how many times they tell other people that they arent a cringey stannie. dan made a vid with anthonyfrom s./mosh and i thought it was a great vid and like wow they work really well together i lowkey ship this theyre so alike and have great chemistry ??? and like  ,,,, i go on instagram and some other people were like i ship this!!!! and i was like !!!!! good !!! ,, and then i go to the comments and these stannies are like NO DAN BELONGS WITH PHIL >:(((((((((((((((( and like ??? lol is dan an object lol no ??? dan doesnt belong to anyone. see these stannies get PISSED when dan hangs out with girls,  HAHAHA and even when dan hangs out with GUYS they get upset. are you for real ????what the frick ??? literally dan is ONLY allowed to be around phil. him going near other people and making physical contact with them is totally unacceptable in this fandom. i swear to GOD this fandom is awful. like i feel bad for people who ship like cat x dan or louise x dan or hazel x phil , etc etc ,,, bc they probably get hated on til no tomorrow. like u cant ship dan with someone else and you cant ship phil with someone else it has to 1000% always be d./an x p./hil ,,, or actually p./hil x d./an , since these stannies believe that phil is a top i swear im probably in the 0.5% of the fandom that believes dan is a top but okay whatever ill keep that to myself before i start getting pissed on and the stannies start shoving FACTS AND PROOF THAT PHIL IS A TOP up my behind. anyways i really enjoy shipping d and p because theyre actually so perfect for each other like u cant even deny it ????? even if someone doesnt ship them romantically you can still ship them platonically like as friends ,, bc honestly i ship them as lovers and friends like imo theyre perfect for each other. i swear ive shipped them since even before i started watching them — which was actually around this time 2 years ago lol. as much as i love this ship, i have NEVER ONCE tried to force it upon them by saying things like LOL WHEN U GONNA GET MARRIED or HEY CAN U GUYS KISS LOL or spamming their comments with OMG P./HIL MADE EYE CONTACT WITH D./AN ,,,, P./HAN = REAL and things along those lines. smfh people seem to forget that d and p are normal human beings like the rest of us and shipping them together shouldnt be to satisfy your fetishes nor should it be something that you should harass them about. i have a friend whos a boy and i swear since 10th grade this one kid that he is friends thinks that were dating and sometimes will make comments about it. like and he did that for 2 years. and ive told my internet friend about my friend as well and she started saying things like DATE HIM or YOU GUYS SHOULD GO TO PROM or I SHIP IT and honestly i laughed it off bc its funny but these comments from these people do make me feel kinda weird. i can imagine these kinds of comments – a HUNDREDFOLD increase of these kinds of comments – like this towards d and p. in a sense, i can kinda put myself in their shoes ,,, like being shipped with your friend is weird especially if you and said friend dont plan on dating each other. unlike me and my friend tho, i feel that d and p do maybe have a slight romantic history together. i mean come on yall look at p!nof 1 ,, look at their old twitter replies and various comments from social media sites that have been deleted, look at the v4lentines v1deo. now these things dont necessarily mean they used to be in a relationship, or perhaps are still in a relationship but keep it hidden. imo these things from their past can serve as proof that the ship is, or once was, real ,, but it was never confirmed by either one. they dont talk about their relationship. they talk about themselves being best friends but thats it. honestly it makes me upset that they cant even make physical contact with each other without half a million fangirls screaming and peeing themselves from the excitement of seeing two men act normal. i mean like anthony posted that video w dan in it and anthony cups dan’s face as if hes about to kiss him and then dan says something like ‘should we kiss’ and like ,,,, you dont get that kinda stuff w him and phil because they know how the fans will react and honestly i can imagine its just overwhelming to constantly be attacked for stuff like that. to me, dan has always seemed like hes bi ,, like im not tryna label him or anything but he just seems like the kind of person who isnt interested in a person’s gender or appearance, but rather their characteristics and personality. its easy to see why he’d be attracted to phil, and even vice versa. they are so similar and its just freaky. like they have so much in common and know so much about each other which makes them perfect for one another. tbh i have my hopes up for 2022 even though i know its not gonna happen lol. at times i cant help but wonder when the heck either of them will get married. thats the thing too ,, like if they marry people other than each other i can already see quite a few people attacking them, unstanning them, threatening them, or maybe even going as a far as killing themselves. it wouldnt be any surprise if someone killed themselves over something like that happening ,,, ive heard stranger things in the news. it isnt likely either will be getting married anytime soon tho. its obvious that neither one is dating anyone else, because if they were theyd be exposed right away. you cant underestimate this fandom ,, i swear theyre as bad as the 21/p fandom. anyways that was my rant about that. this was supposed to express my anger about how people constantly attack other people and tell them they need to be in a relationship with so-and-so but somehow turned into a giant d and p rant lol my bad. well this mostly was directed at d and p stannies bc honestly idk any other fandoms like this ((there prob are other fandoms like this)).

anyways moving on ,,,, another thing i cant stand is people who ships other people/characters simply because they look cute together AND ACTUALLY ADMIT TO DOING SO HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHJHGHGJ. honestly i dont like k./akashi x i./ruka. like of all the naruto characters ,, why for the love of god do so many fricking people ship kashi w him. first off, i absolutely cant stand i./ruka he makes me so uncomfortable and honestly i just really dont like him lol. i suppose u can say he was the first person to acknowledge naruto ,,, but i believe it was hina and maybe even teuchi (the ramen guy) before her. like i mean its not like nardo was aware of hina noticing him but hes just so stuck to i./ruka. i gotta admit, nart’s relationship with i./ruka is super sweet but to be completly fricking honest he just annoys me. i dunno if its just because hes the most popular person shipped with kashi or what bc thats a pretty retarded reason for me to hate him but FRICK man i just do noT LIKE HIm. okay anyways back to that pairing, i am sick and tired of seeing them being shipped together it makes me want to GAG. peoples reasonings are that ‘theyre both mentors/adult figures in nardo’s life’ ,, okay ???????? so was teuchi , and sandaime was also very present in nardo’s life. am i gonna ship teuchi w hiruzen ??? no ??? bc they have not even interacted with one another ??????? kashi and i./ruka interacted like ????? 2 times ????????????? what the frick ?????????????? its more logical to ship kakashi with gai in my opinion ,, although i dont really ship the 2 of them as lovers but i do ship them as friends bc cmon they have such a cute friendship haha. lmao earlier i found a fricking page from like 2006 asking why people ship i./ruka and kashi LMAO. i also found a fricking essay on deviant art from around the same time which explains why the poster ships the 2 of them together. ‘they both survived the kyuubi attack and know what its like to lose people you care about’ okay but the whole ‘they understand what its like to lose the people closest to you’ thing can be applied to other characters as well. i guess though if youre looking for someone whos not dead who has expressed this, as well as someone who is kashi’s age, then i./ruka is perfect. but honestly though theyre such different people i dunno i know people say opposites attract but then again why would you wanna be with someone who you really have nothing in common with/have never really interacted with ??? i mean yeah kashi and i./ruka can relate to one another but theyve rarely interacted with one another which just irks me. i know you can counter this by saying WELL WHAT ABOUT CHOUJI AND KARUI THEY ARE FROM 2 DIFFERENT VILLAGES okay cool lol well kishi needed to pair chouji with someone for inoshikacho’s next generation so lol. also like does anyone even talk about cho and karui ????? honestly i just ,,, i cannot ship kashi w i./ruka . imo they dont look cute together and ive seen that as a popular reason for shipping them together lol um if you ship 2 characters together simply bc theyre cute then thats super shallow and gross bye. me personally i ship kashi x obito. i dont have a specific time period where i ship them like i dunno i kinda more ship them in a non-canonic kinda timeline since obito ‘died’ when he was 13 and all him and kashi did was fight. but honestly seeing how kakashi took so much from obito like his lifestyle and habit of being late, plus the fact that he spends a lot of time at the memorial stone talking about obito is just hhhhHHHHHHHHH. he also called obito his hero + obito has saved kakashi’s life twice + he gave him his eye + obito’s the one who snapped kashi out of his ‘i put the mission before my comrades’ way of thinking. honestly obito did a lot to alter kashi into the person he became and kashi obviously really admired obito as he grew older. i know this isnt exactly the healthiest of ships and im kinda digging myself a hole here but i dunno im just still really depressed about obito. like i mean this is my opinion about who i think would be good for kashi. tbh i would ship him tenzou too considering their past + their interactions i wheeze whenever tenzou calls him senpai and kakashi tells him to stop holy ffffriccccccckk + that arc thing in shippuuden where kashi and tenzou were in anbu except i dont remember if thats canon or not. YEAH HOLD ON WAIT what the frick okay tenzou and kashi ,,,,,,,,, like this ?????? can it please be canon jesuS friCK i think tenzou is perfect for kashi lmao the kid in boruto who looks like their love child LMAO HE HAS ME DYING EVERY TIME I SEE HIM. i would even say anko but i dont recall the two of them really interacting much so thats not really a good option. also i was even thinking ayame (teuchi’s daughter) even though she’s a few years younger than kashi, shes obviously legal by now but still the two of them really didnt interact much. so its kinda hard for me to ship anyone else with kashi tbh its just mainly obito (even though theres literally 0 chance for that to happen hahafrick) for me. however im already a huge obito x rin stannie bc how can you not be jfc theyre literally the best het pairing ive seen next to yato x hiyori. okay i really lost my train of thought. i think i was talking about how you shouldnt ship people just for looks oKAY YES anyways its not a bad thing to ship 2 characters together bc they look cute bc honestly obito and rin are literally so cute together like i want to DIE bc its such an adorable pairing ,, however the fact that obito already has a huge crush on rin and wants to protect her, and the fact that rin constantly encouraged obito and was always looking out for , totally outweigh the THEY LOOK SO CUTE TOGETHER factor. like honestly theres no real strong arguments for kashi x i./ruka unless im TOTALLY missing something. like i just dont see it ???? like how and why ???? jfc that pairing would be as forced that NH or sasusaku. recently i went on myreadingmanga for the first time in about 9 months and i went to look for nart doujins and i just ,,,,, your pairings options were: nard x sauce, hidan x kakuzu (what the actual frick honestly), or kashi x i./ruka. i swear that was like 85% of your choice of doujin to read. the other 15% was various other pairings like itachi x sauce i guess , and i think i even saw deidara a few times , and maybe some other people but tbh i cant remember what other pairings there were. ofc the kashi x i./ruka doujins really stood out to me and i just ,,,, like really ,,,,, like imo kashi x obi is a quite obvious pairing choice too , and while it is quite popular on pixiv and has a fair amount of fanfiction, i just dont get why more people dont see it its bc everyone hates obito lol plus obito is dead too haha no point to ship a dead guy with someone whos alive well actually people ship minato with kakashi and i guess thats even worse bc not only is he dead, but if you dont age up kashi in ur fanfiction then thats technically underage okay nobody even talks about minato x kakashi tho lmao im surprised and not surprised tbh ,, jfc i could go on w this like the number of dead people shipped with alive people like okay its not even a bad thing well as long as you make sure the dead person is alive while youre writing ur fanfic otherwise blocked and reported. lol ive seen fujoshi on ig who post some kashi x obi sometimes but i really dont know how many of their followers actually like that pairing. smh it sucks having rare pairings ,, especially rare problematic parings whoops but at least my pairing would make sense if obito were still alive yikes im actually problematic there are actually problems with this pairing but honestly obito would have been one of the best people for kashi had he come back to konoha also rin woulda died anyways if obi came back like thats actually canon instead of doing the IT like frick off obito i like u but ur a big loser honestly smfh.

my last complaint is people who ship pedophilia and incest honestly im going back and editing this and jesus christ i wrote way too much in this post i want die. i see this argument all the time where people say ‘its just anime’ ((ill specifically stick to anime while talking about this although i have heard of some incest pairings in tv shows and honestly just stop)). ive also heard people say that ‘art imitates reality’ not sure thats the proper quote im looking for but like this would be in the sense of ‘fictional worlds can become like the real world’ like basically something like that ?????? theres always some kind of argument going on about that. like i dunno, is it okay bc its made up ???? or is it wrong bc it encourages pedophilia/incest ????? like i dunno i dont have a viewpoint on this. like people will attack you for shipping this kind of stuff but at the same time why tf you shipping it ???? like imo its not logical. for me personally, i take my shipping very seriously — like i always have arguments ready to defend my ships incase a hoe wanna try me but for many people i think they just do this for fun ??? like ive shipped pedo ships in the past and thought nothing of it — i had my defense points ready but soon realized that these ships are just lame and my defense points and reasons for shipping these people were weak. i guess though when you look at it, hiyori x yato isnt exactly a good ship as hiyori is like ?? 15 , and yato is over 1000 years old so YIKES oops. tbh though they were just made to be shipped like the manga has a lot of scenes of the 2 of them together like hHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH frick i swear adachitoka ship them too smfh. anyways back to what i was saying. people openly ship pairings of this nature LIKE AND THEY ARENT EVEN JOKING ABOUT IT LIKE THEY HAVE BLOGS AND STUFF and i swear they have every excuse in the book ready for any insults thrown at them. like it gets on my nerves. would you defend a relationship of this nature in real life with all these points youre making ???? i dont think you would so why bother wasting your time online arguing with a stranger and why dont you evaluate your life tbh. one of my big pet peeves is when incest ships are ‘technically okay’ bc the brother and sister (in most cases) arent actually brother and sister bc haha guess what !!?? most of the time they arent even related by blood. like i dunno how people enjoy these ships like theyre just gross ??? like i think eromanga sensei was the only anime ive watched with a gross ship like this so i really dont have much to say. also ive talked about b./lack b./utler and the pedophilic ships in there so thats a whole other story in a different post. idk i feel maybe people are just being ironic most of the time like in reference to these incest-relationship anime but when it comes to ships like e./ren x l./evi or c./iel x s./ebastian there are people who are very over the top with their undying love for the couples. i dont like either of these ships. also ik theres a different term for pedophilia that doesnt refer to an older person being in a relationship with a pre-pubescent child however i dont remember the name for it ,, i dont even remember the definition for it so im just grouping things under the blanket term pedophilia — like for example that ship from a.o.t that i just mentioned is not referred to with the term pedophilia bc one person is over 30 years old and the other one is like 15 or 16 ,, so theres a different term for that so idk. also another thing i gotta say is that even though i despise yuck! on i//c//e , i see people arguing time and time again about yucki p. and otibeak ‘s relationship. like is is wrong ?? is it okay ?? will people ever shut the frick up about this anime ?? okay its a 15 (‘hes turning 16 soon >:(((( ‘) year old boy and a 19 year old boy and people are saying its okay bc theres only a 3 year age difference. okay i forgot what the age of consent is in japan oh my okay google says 13 i ???? okay lemme just pretend im clueless about the age of consent for a second. in western society we see this as a minor in a relationship with someone who is an adult which in my own fricking opinion is wrong ??? this isnt a pedophilic ship however i dont know if it would exactly be legal or not ??? dunno tbh and i dont want to look up any more info concerning that cancerous anime. still though ,, like if i was 16 i wouldnt date a 19 year old ,, literally bc im 16 ?? ,,,, like i wouldnt have a problem if its a 3 year age gap in the sense of a 22 year old and a 25 year old but this is a teenager and a young adult like i dunno what to think like its just weird ???? well its japan so idk it might be fine there but jesus christ if it was actually fine would people constantly be asking if the ship is okay lmao.

another thing i should have mentioned probably in my second paragraph is that there are a ton of unhealthy ships/ships that make absolutely 0 sense to me ,, such a yuki x yuno, sauce x sakura, and light x misa ,, plus other ships that i cant think of right now. like these ships to me dont make any sense. yuki x yuno is the most retarded thing ever GOD i hate this ship. yuno is a creepy weirdo stalker and yuki is like an innocent child like what the frick ?????? sauce showed absolutely 0 feelings for sak during the entire series and then at the end all of a sudden he likes her and they get together ????? okay its obvious why they got together — because sauce is tryna rebuild his clan or whatever plus he never interacted with any other girls well theres karin but its obviously that sauce is NOT interested in her so you can see where the ship does make sense but at the same time didnt they try to kill each other like more than once ??? lmao ,, this is actually a really bad ship but mmmmm fanservice is nice and so is forcing people to come together hahaha gotta love kishimoto lol. s2g even sns makes more sense. and finally light x misa LMAO i feel like there is no point to explain any of these ships like if you watched these anime then you should understand that these ships are pretty ridiculous. smh light just uses misa and misa is like kk bby whatever u say ily and im just ??????? ???????? ??????????? ???? ? ? ??? ?? misa could do so much better but she chooses to love a psychopath — even though shes completely oblivious to that fact. like i just feel bad for misa i swear didnt she kill herself too ?? its been almost a year since i last touched the manga, plus i finished the anime over a year ago so i dont really remember hahhahaha. anyways ik these ships are probably very popular but they just annoy me bc they are fricking awful. like i know theres a giant fanbase for sauce x sak i mean thats gotta be p obvious lol people have probably been shipping it since the first time they were introduced in the manga ,,, but still it just makes no sense bc sauce absolutely does not care about sak from what we see and yes this definitely contradicts my own ships but im not focusing on that right now.

i think this was all i wanted to rant about ,, lmao this is the longest post ive ever made but honestly i needed to get this out of my system ,, im just tired of illogical fangirls and weird, forced, or retarded ships. like its cool to be in fictional fanbases but tbh im just way too serious about all this shipping and stuff and the first thing i automatically want to do when i see potential ships is point out all the bad things about the ship. i contradict myself a lot though ,, like saying sauce x sak is an illogical ship , but then i say that i ship kashi x obi ??? like wtf hahaha


One thought on “rant abt ships lol

  1. First off i didn’t take offense at all just wanted to disscuss this i laughed several times whether i agreed or not. i have mixed feelings yes its annoying to see pedophilia and incest glorified in some fandoms especally when its more then half the fanfics and the most popular pairing. However lets be honest here if the fandom suddenly decided that all forced or weird ships had no place then every fandom would contain nothing but the cannon couples and for those couples you might as well watch the show or read the book. Since if you ignore fan service there no justification for half of these characters to be hooking up at all. Also everyone has their own idea’s about what isn’t a forced pairing for instance Vickcturi has been deemed cannon by the fandom but to me they are the key example of a forced couple. As for Yuri x Otabeck debate that is a key example of useing the pedophile argument to censor a ship some people may not be fond of which i’ve seen a lot of people try and do. In every ones defense every character Yuri interacts with is older then him you cann’t not have a age dffrence pairing with him and since the majority of fics with Yuri won’t let him be single otabeck is the lesser of maybe five evils. I tend to go for the greater evil pairings due to them being more interesting Otabeck is about as interesting as watching paint dry. i honestly hate how excludeing rare exceptions it often being paired with him reduces Yuri to the damsel in distress who has to be saved from his abusive lover, the ice, evil humans in fanntasy Au’s ect by otabeck. JJ x Yuri maybe rediculous but at least those fics remember Yuri is fierce and doesn’t take peoples crap lying down. Honestly i think more ships would get less of a bad rep if they didn’t involve whimpification so the characters can fit that awful uke/seme dynamic instead of being their awesome or interesting cannon selves. For instance i like the idea of certain pairings such as Near x Mello becuse its been emphasized the two of them need each other to get things done. And if Mello ever had pulled his head out of his ass i think they would of made a great team. I’m a sucker for relationships where the characters would or do make a good team.Most fanfics i’ve read are all about dominant mello and overly innocent Near that is not Near and Mello to me they are more complicated and their relationship should be more interesting the cookie cutter steriotypes that don’t fit their personalities. Its not the pairing for me its how its written or potrayed. Its fanfic that won me over many other pairings from other fandoms i’d never of thought of. A good writer can make the most insane pairings work.
    Also there are messed up pairings that i will never ship but i cann’t say that the people shipping them are being stupid. For instance L x Light i loathe that pairing but its hard to ignore the implications that the two are obsessed sometimes to creepy extremes. I myself like some ships others may deem problomatic as long as its not romantisized abuse and its not as if i don’t know their creepy believe me i do. Honestly i sometimes enjoy messed up ships as a way to explore the issues of some of my favorite messed up characters. I don’t get the whole otp thing though i’m realizing i’m a multi shipper if i like a character i usually like reading fics about them with lots of other characters or on their own its just the way i am. Amen to yuki x Yuno being terrible! Everyone thinks its sooo romantic and yuki should be greatful for her attention ugh! As for light X misa the only ships i’ll except for light are Light x Death note or Light x reflection. Speaking of weird, forced or rediculous pairings Misa x L Misa x Rem and Misa x Mello, Misa needs love therefore i regret nothing.


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