the last


so i have some thoughts after finally fully watching this movie. i never actually finished watching the last back in like april or may ?? lmao i accidentally fell asleep during the final fight against toneri yikes.

okay off topic a bit but during today’s boruto episode i swear i saw toneri i think idk it looked like him and his eyes were closed which makes sense since hinata took hanabi’s eyes from him so ???? idk yeah he didnt die or anything so ??? also the end of today’s boruto episode was LIT like a lot happened at the end of the episode lmao i didnt care too much for the rest of that episode but hoOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boy im getting excited for this series ALSO GAIDEN HYPE IM ACTUALLY SHOOK FOR GAIDEN bc on the dl i have a huge crush on adult sasuke okay bye.

um haha okay so the last wasnt really my cup of tea. to be completely honest, nh is cute but idk maybe a little forced ????? like i mean lmao naruto this clown ,, he never noticed hinata was mad in love with him and i just ????? buddy ,,, i ,, ??????? i dont even know what to say. like i felt like i needed to reach through my screen and slap naruto bc jfc this guy ,,, holy smokes every time hina was near naruto it was so infuriating bc naruto was like :)) and hina was like *///////////* and i was like ?????????????????????????????????????

and like alllllllllll through shippuuden, this man has no idea that hina loves him ,,, i s2g wasnt her confession during the pain arc anime-only material ???? i swear i saw someone say that a couple days ago and i was just ??????????? wow okay. but i do remember seeing somewhere that like kishi has trouble writing romance or like ????? smth like that ???????? and so yeah if that was anime-only material then thats not surprising, but still that throws me really off track bc it makes me believe that naruto is 100% now fully aware that hina loves him but still nothing ever happened after that ,,, like naruto didnt acknowledge the fact that hinata just confessed that she loved naruto ???? like i swear that happened ??????

buddy ,,, and then nEJI dies and i ,,,, LOL i had even forgotten about neji like i forgot he was around bc he was of 0 importance for most of the series ,, like wasnt his last important screen time during the sasuke retrieval arc ?? bc thats the only thing coming to my mind rn. i had spoiled neji’s death though so i wasnt too sad, although i did really like neji’s character in the og. he just kinda became really really unimportant and didnt do much i swear, so that was p sad. his death sucked a lot bc it was random and outta nowhere and completely unnecessary. like neji couldve lived and the series wouldve had the same outcome. like his purpose for dying was to bring naruto and hina together but lol naruto my dude was still clueless that hinata loved him i was FRCICICKICKCKCCMKKC wow. that was so pointless i ,,, wow. like i dont remember what neji said but basically he died to bring the two of them together, but they didnt even get together until like 2 years later, during the movie the last.

i didnt like the movie. personally im a bigger sharingan stannie than i am a byakugan stannie. like tbh i really dont care about hamura’s descendants, im still v much so interested in hagoromo’s descendants since theres actually a ton of stuff that was never answered — like rn im mostly thinking of hashirama-related things, but theres definitely a lot of unanswered questions about the uchiha + i wanna know more about the uzumaki clan + other stuff that i cant think of rn.

the movie was boring for the most part. like hinata was knitting a scarf which i think was based off of some real life experience that kishimoto had or ????? idk ,, anyways yeah that goes on and on. and then like hanabi is taken i think so everyone goes to the moon and then boom the good guys win and everyone lives happily ever after. same old story except this time it features naruto lol.

also i feel its important to mention that i dont like naruto’s haircut. its been a couple months since i first saw it and it still hasnt grown on me. like i just ,,, why does it have to be so short. like minato kept his hair longer ???? kakashi didnt get a buzzcut even though hes like 50 ???? iruka still keeps his hair in a ponytail ?????? sasuke still has long emo hair lol so ?????? cmon naruto wtf pal ??

yeah so if it isnt already obvious, i was barely paying attention to the movie. it was hard for me to stay awake bc i was getting so bored. also hinata’s character had totally changed. like didnt she go from a super cool strong girl in shippuuden to some damsel-in-distress kinda character in the last ?????

like honestly i didnt really understand what happened and i fell asleep during those last 20-30 minutes. at the time, i really couldnt be bothered to rewatch the ending of the movie lol. so like yesterday night i rewatched the toneri fight + i also rewatched the last fight in the boruto movie bc i fell asleep during that too oops lol. um so the fight was okay i suppose, tbh i cant recall anything spectacular about it and i just honestly really dont care about it.

i think i gave this movie a 5/10 on mal just bc i didnt enjoy it + naruto was annoying me bc it still took him fricking ages to realize that hina loves him. bruh i just ,,,, wow. honestly though like theres no one else to pair naruto with besides hinata. like it was quite obvious that sakura was gonna end up with sauce ,, like sauce is tryna rebuild his clan so who else would he end up with ????? not naruto definitely bc people woulda been FUMING lowkey though i ship them tbh i ship them more as adults though im sorry ik theyre both married. people wouldve been pissed if he was paired up with karin, and it would make 0 sense to pair him up with some new/non-introduced character, or a character that was introduced into the series but was never talked about like with karui and chouji. also theres no one else in the konoha 11 for sask to be paired with lol. like tbh i already saw the ino and sai relationship from the time sai first met her and called her pretty. like their relationship makes sense at least bc ino probably realized she would never end up with sauce. like idk to me it makes sense, but a lot of people actually disagree with that pairing. yeah idk we didnt really see them interact that much, which kinda contradicts things ive said before.

um idk where i was going with that hahaaha. also my arm hurts bc ive been typing at my laptop all day and ive been organizing a tumblr account to post stuff that i dont have any other place for ((like my own anime gifs n whatnot)).

anyways where tf was i ??? idk; the last was kinda bland tbh. also i wasnt a fan of how they retconned that scene with young hinata talking to naruto like whatever the frick happened in that scene of them as kids. like i mean ???????? throughout all of naruto, one of the things ive heard many times is that naruto had no one when he was younger OKAY BUT explain to me teuchi, explain to me his friendship with shikamaru and chouji, and explain to me all this hinata business like she actually did acknowledge him before iruka ,, but teuchi had already acknowledged naruto bc naruto was eating ramen there already like ????? am i making sense ???? like im tired of seeing retcons related to naruto’s childhood like just leave it be.

anyways ik this movie is canon but tbh its better just to look up a plot summary if you arent a huge fan of naruto and hina’s relationship. i shoulda skipped over this movie tbh. the boruto movie had me pumped up 500x more than the last


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