not looking forward to university

i am so ready for my life to be over honestly. i havent even started university yet but i already want to drop out. my university is just ,,,, god awful. like i dont understand them. they make everything so complicated and they make you sign up for 50 million things. like jesus christ i cant keep up im literally going out of my MIND with this.

like i have to sign up for some photo ID kinda thing bc you need to have a card in order to buy food or books or whatever. it doesnt seem that bad right ?? wrong. you have to fricking upload a picture of yourself online and im just ?????????????????? i havent taken a decent selfie in my life and i have no idea how to do so. this is due by august 15th so i literally have a month left. the actual application process started on june 1st but i held it off because i didnt feel like signing up, thinking it was like a 500 page application you needed to fill out. basically what i understand is that you just need to use an account you created before and then upload a picture and submit it and ur done.

and for the picture you upload, there are like 633879 requirements. like it cant be a profile shot, no sunglasses, a plain background, looking straight ahead, no hats, no dumb faces, no high contrast,,,,, the list just goes on and on. i spent at least 30 minutes taking pics of myself and they all came out bad bc when i cropped them, my head was the only thing in the shot. so i have to redo that awful photo shoot i had and hold my arm farther out so my shoulders get in the shot


pointless rant but im so pissed off right now. like can i live my life ???? why do i have to sign up for 800 different things ??? i have usernames and passwords EVERYWHERE – on my computer, on my phone, on sticky notes ,,,, like im a mess rn bc university and its literally only july.

and i think theres like 52933049 more things you have to do before september and i literally cant deal with this bc its so retarded and honestly i want to drop out and just go live in a cave for the rest of my life bc its summer vacation and im stressed out and i should not be stressed out on my holidays.

my university can piss the frick off with their BS ,, i cant wait to graduate. ha i thought high school was bad but honestly university will be 5083494384893948x worse lmao im prepared to fail p much everything i do in university bc i spent way too long perfecting my BS skills ,, i can BS a high school paper but there aint any way ill be able to BS a university paper god just please end my life this is too much im not the kind of person who should be going to university lol cant wait to apply for a full time job at mcdonalds in 4 years and work there until im 65 lol great:)


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