boruto the movie


so unlike the last, i actually really enjoyed the boruto movie. for me, i wasnt interested in seeing hinata and byakugan related things like with the last, but with boruto there were new characters introduced like the kids + [most of (?)] the konoha 12 too which i liked. originally, i meant to just rewatch the fight with momoshiki and kinshiki except i ended up rewatching basically the entire movie bc sasuke likE HOLY FRICK im so in love with adult sasuke’s character i think hes so cool and i want more of him.

so like the boruto movie was good but it wasnt like AMAZING or anything. like boruto’s character just really annoyed me. like the fact that he thought he could get away with using that thing on his wrist made me upset. everyone from the konoha 12 + all of the previous generations worked hard in order to gain strength, and boruto really pissed me off when he thought he could take that shortcut to becoming a higher-ranked ninja. in general, boruto’s character just annoys me bc hes a whiny brat who doesnt appreciate the fact that he actually has a father – even if his father is rarely around. naruto didnt have that as a kid, however i feel like nobody has really explained kid naruto’s life to boruto.

the kids are okay i guess. some are kinda annoying. i like mistuki and shikadai the best. also seeing konohamaru grown up was nice,, i like him much more as an adult.

i was satisfied with the sask scenes ,, i think its good for him to train boruto bc young sask is v similar to him. would be nice to see perhaps sarada become closer to naruto although i think we’ll see a bit of that with gaiden.

yeah the fight at the end of the movie was what really bored me to sleep lmao. momoshiki and kinshiki are just super irritating imo. i hate kaguya so much and momo and kin are closely related to her i think ??? toneri was too i think but i think he was connected to a branch clan stemming from hamura’s descendants. honestly like kaguya, toneri, momo, and kin are on the top of my ‘most hated characters’ list because they all annoy me.

kaguya was a selfish little rat. she was revived accidentally (i guess you can say that) bc madara thanks madara and then she starts whining that she wants all her chakra back. like excuse me ???? you arent even supposed to be alive. she was fricking sealed in the moon ffs i hate her so mUCH. momo and kin are exactly like her — they want all chakra for themselves. however they wanted to collect chakra to create some medicine pill thingys for THEMSELVES in order to keep tHEMSELVES looking young. like honestly they arent good villains. toneri, i forgot what his purpose was. like idk he wanted hanabi’s eyes so that he could get the tenseigan (?) or whatever. if you ask me, these 4 are pretty bad antagonists.

kin annoys me with his ability to absorb all ninjutsu. like that was just super annoying. although it was cool to see sasuke and the others strategizing and working together in order to beat them using taijustu, and then later boruto hits him with a giant rasengan. also seeing kcm naruto was sick ,, i honestly am just so happy that nardo and kurama are such good friends and they work together like that like its great and i hope we see more kcm naruto at some point in the anime series.

anyways i gave this movie like an 8/10 literally just bc sauce was very present in the plot. i hope that after this movie when the story continues, we see boruto giving more respect to nart. also i’d hope that naruto or someone else would explain kcm to boruto as i recall boruto saying something like ‘wow i didnt know my dad had this kind of power’ like it would be nice to see that. i saw on reddit that theres apparently a new movie or smth thats coming out which is a bit strange since im p sure the manga is just recapping events of the movie ????? and the anime is just a bunch of events from before the setting of the movie. idk i wouldnt be opposed to another boruto movie as long as sask is in there too bc that would make my day


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