spoilers omg this anime !! i LOVED it !!!! i managed to binge watch it in like 3-4 days ,, i think i even set a record for most anime episodes ive watched in 1 day (21). okay well beelzebub started out really good ,, like i really liked it. i especially liked that there … Continue reading beelzebub


kekkai sensen

spoilers hhhhh i finished kekkai sensen like 3-4 days ago and honestly i really enjoyed it tbh. like the only reason i watched it is because i saw the ending on youtube and thought the ending was cool so i decided to give the anime a try. and wow i actually lucked out w this … Continue reading kekkai sensen


spoilers (okay i thought i posted this like a week or 2 ago but i guess i didnt ??) i cant take it anymore i am so sick and tired of this fricking anime i think im gonna go out of my mind if i watch even one more second of it. i tried to push … Continue reading nge

the last

spoilers so i have some thoughts after finally fully watching this movie. i never actually finished watching the last back in like april or may ?? lmao i accidentally fell asleep during the final fight against toneri yikes. okay off topic a bit but during today's boruto episode i swear i saw toneri i think … Continue reading the last