spoilers (okay i thought i posted this like a week or 2 ago but i guess i didnt ??) i cant take it anymore i am so sick and tired of this fricking anime i think im gonna go out of my mind if i watch even one more second of it. i tried to push … Continue reading nge


gakkou no kaidan

spoilers imo this anime is only good if youre into dark humour and dont mind watching the dubbed version. im not too sure where i read that the dub is completely different from the sub, and that its more worth it to watch the dubbed version ,, but man im glad i found that out … Continue reading gakkou no kaidan

the last

spoilers so i have some thoughts after finally fully watching this movie. i never actually finished watching the last back in like april or may ?? lmao i accidentally fell asleep during the final fight against toneri yikes. okay off topic a bit but during today's boruto episode i swear i saw toneri i think … Continue reading the last


ive got a pack of cookies next to me, no friends to talk to, no job, and nothing else to do, so im ready to simply talk about this because idk i feel like it hahha. my first encounter with shipping was in 8th grade, so 2012-2013ish. i had friends who liked o. ne d. … Continue reading ships